Ten Things Beginners Should Know Hiring A Speaker In Australia.

Ten Things Beginners Should Know Hiring A Speaker In Australia.

For people who have never hired a speaker before, there are a few things you might want to know first. Here are ten things that you should expect or prepare for… Be it a parenting speaker or an educational speaker, hiring the right speaker is an art.

  1. Set your budget for your speaker. Just like any service, speakers vary in price in terms of their experience, their reputation and the type of speaking service they will deliver. Manage your budget first.

  2. Unless they are manage themselves, most speakers are hired through organisations. They will usual organise everything in terms of transportation and accommodation, if it needed.

  3. Research the credentials and reputation of the speaker. Looking up videos online is very helpful to seeing how they will work with your audience.

  4. Talk to the speaker directly if you can. Tell them about yourself, the event you require them for and the kind of audience and expectation for the event.

  5. Provide them with all the details of your event, including the venue, the number of guests, time slot and timeframe.

  6. Ask the speaker about what they are going to say. It is good to see what they will say to your audience before it happens to get the right reaction that you need. You can also make sure that the speaker does not offend anyone.

  7. Pay your deposit to secure the services of your speaker.

  8. Once the speaker is all confirmed to attend your event, start spreading the word that he is arriving, so you can generate the right buzz.

  9. Contact your speaker a few days before your event to make sure he is attending and if there are any last minutes changes or updates that need to be made.

  10. Ask them, how they want to be introduced at the event. This will show that you are considerate of them.

  11. Bonus pointer: Enjoy the show!

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